The Aerospace Village is always looking for those that can help us build this community!

You don’t have to be an aerospace expert, an uber-hacker, or have special skills to volunteer. Just enthusiasm, the ability to show up on time, and help out during your shift.

You’ll be hanging out with experts, researchers, industry members and hackers involved in aerospace security. There will be a lot of opportunities to learn and network. If your interests in DEF CON and aerospace intersect, you should be working with us!

A limited number of DEF CON badges will be available for village volunteers. We can’t promise that you will get a badge.

Volunteer Duties

Volunteer duties will include:

  • Greeting attendees
  • Answering questions or finding someone who can
  • Contacting staff or partners if help is needed
  • Coordinating talks and demos
  • Setting up and tearing down
  • Assist Village partners with A/V equipment and demos
  • Managing traffic flow
  • Generally babysitting the area
  • Contacting DEF CON goons or hotel security if there is some sort of incident (do not engage, get help)
  • Having fun and learning!