Call for Volunteers


“The aerospace industry, security researchers, and the public share a common goal: safe, reliable, and trustworthy air travel. As the traditional domains of aerospace, safety and cybersecurity increasingly overlap, we will be safer, sooner, together. We welcome those who seek to improve aerospace cyber security through positive, productive collaboration among all ecosystem stakeholders.”

Background and Overview

The Aerospace Village will bring together researchers, hackers, industry, operators, and other key stakeholders with the intent of:

  • Developing skills and understanding of the aviation and space sectors among DEF CON attendees through workshops, presentations, and hands-on activities.
  • Building connections, trust, and understanding among all Village participants and stakeholder groups.
  • Promoting constructive dialog through talks and interaction.

To achieve these objectives, the Aerospace Village will raise the collective level of trust, empathy, and understanding across the entire aerospace ecosystem. We aim to create a safe space:

  • For hackers and security researchers to highlight their significant prior and potential positive contributions to cyber safety.
  • For industry leaders to showcase their commitment to aerospace cyber safety / security
  • For everyone to explore, learn, and enjoy a highly collaborative experience.

The Aerospace Village is always looking for those that can help us build this community all year round!

You don’t have to be an aerospace expert, an uber-hacker, or have special skills to volunteer. Just enthusiasm, the ability to show up on time, and help out during your shift.

You’ll be hanging out and connecting with experts, researchers, industry members and hackers involved in aerospace security. There will be a lot of opportunities to learn and network. If your interests in conferences, such as DEF CON, and aerospace intersect, you should be working with us!

Volunteer Duties

Volunteer duties cover one or several of the following:

  • In-person/Discord support during DEF CON
  • Website administration
  • Partner liaison
  • Social Media and Communications
  • Coding
  • Assessing submissions
  • AV planning and production
  • Answering questions or finding someone who can
  • Contacting staff or partners if help is needed
  • Having fun and learning!
  • plus many more…

If you are interested in volunteering for the Village get in touch via the form below: