Call for Everything

Whether you’re an individual or a member of the Fortune 500, there are a number of ways you can support the Aerospace Village.

Call for Speakers & Activities

Registration is now closed for DC29! Thank you to everyone who submitted proposals, and check out our DC29 schedule page for full lineup of presentations and activities. 

We invite speakers to apply to speak at DEF CON’s Aerospace Village in front of a unique audience of researchers, hackers, industry, Government and everyone that is interested in helping keep the aerospace industry safe, secure resilient and trusted.

We are particularly interested in talks and workshops that help to increase understanding between all of the different stakeholder groups. We all might want the same thing but how can we increase co-operation, reduce risk, increase understanding and action on our vulnerabilities. What are the examples of what we could do better, what has worked well or what we need to do?

We don’t mind who applies to present or host a workshop. You might be a senior in the industry or a total ninja we don’t mind who you are!

  • All presentations must have an educational focus and are not for business promotion.
  • Presentations can be 25 or 50 minutes long.
  • Activities such as workshop, lab, demo, CTF, will be scheduled based on the time requirement of the activity and available physical space (if in person).
  • Submissions that demonstrate co-ordinated disclosure with relevant manufacturers and stakeholders will be prioritized.
  • Please don’t propose anything that may breach any commercial in confidence agreements or NDA’s…

We’ll be sharing more details about presentations and activities for the Aerospace Village at DC29 in upcoming weeks — get the latest updates from our official Twitter @Secureaerospace and join our Aerospace Village Discord server.

Call for Partners

We’re seeking partners from across aerospace and cybersecurity. You can share your expertise, provide demos/interactive displays, literature and educational materials. We’re looking for on topic, relevant and technical presentations. We are operating as a non-profit organization, so we can support a number of engagement models that support our mission.

See how you and your organization can contribute by contacting us

Host a Social Event

Would you like to meet and engage with experts in aerospace cybersecurity; talk with enthusiastic and talented members of the hacker/infosec community? You might consider hosting an AV social event. E-mail us if you’d like to plan something with the Aerospace Village.


We are a voluntary team and are doing this because we are passionate about this and believe in this.  If you think you can support, please reach out.  We are a registered 501(c)(3) so can accept anything from support in-kind, financial to pizza! Please email us for information on ways to contribute.

Call for Individuals

We’ve had overwhelming response to our 2020 Aerospace Village schwags, and are also designing some more cool schwags for 2021 Aerospace Village! Expect more updates soon. All profits go to support the village. Are you an organization/company looking to partner with us? Visit our Call for Partners & get in touch with us!

Attend the Village as an individual! We’re building the village for you, the DEF CON attendees. You’re the ones that will make the village a success!

    • Talk to our partners, presenters, staff and volunteers
    • Engage with demos and displays
    • Attend village talks and presentations
    • Learn about aerospace cybersecurity and why it’s so important
    • Discover how industry is supporting aerospace cybersecurity
    • Share your thoughts about aerospace cybersecurity
    • Promote by spreading the word about the Aerospace Village
    • Collaborate as a researcher or member of the hacker/infosec community
    • Recommend improvements to the village for next year
    • Have Fun – The most important part

We need volunteers to help with the village. You don’t have to be a hacker or aerospace expert just enthusiastic and wanting a unique experience. Check out our volunteer application and get involved. Take a look at our Volunteer Application.

Have cool art to use for logos, banners, posters and other displays? If you’re of the artistic bent, help us make the village look awesome! Email us!


Are you a media organization that would like to provide your readers/followers with cutting edge thoughts on aerospace cybersecurity; report the goals and objectives of the Aerospace Village; discover what prompted the formation of the village?

Please reach out to the Aerospace Village team and we can chat through what we are up to and where we are going.

We will be holding a media event at DEF CON in August, Contact us on how to engage the village and be the first to get the scoop.