Get Ready for Workshops & Order Parts Ahead of Time!

DC28 Safe Mode is now less than 10 days away!

Aerospace Village will host a number of really cool talks, workshops, and CTFs for all skill and knowledge levels online. Make sure to order all required parts ahead of time if you’re planning to participate in NyanSat or CubeSat Satellite Simulator.

DC28 Aerospace Village Workshops:

  • Satellite Simulator: Learn how to build your own Raspberry Pi-based cubesat simulator (physical parts required)
  • NyanSat: Nyansat consists of three fun, non-competitive challenges: building your own satellite tracking antenna, exploiting a ground station modem, and participating in our live streamed, internet-accessible, community ground station event. (physical parts required)
  • Understanding Space Though a Cybersecurity Lens: This exciting, fast-paced course delivers the “big picture” of space missions from cradle to grave. Understanding Space is the ideal course for technical or non-technical professionals new to the space industry or who need a refresher on the fundamentals. 
  • Deep Space Networking: The Deep Space Networking workshop will challenge your ability to investigate and find important data within complicated technological communications. Trace file provided by Vint Cerf from the original test lab for Delay and Disruption Tolerant Networking. (DTN)!!
  • Bricks in the Air: Whether you’re a noob or a pro, this is your chance to attempt sending messages to mock LEGO aircraft over I2C to learn and experiment with direct injection attacks on a data bus.
  • CPX SimpleSat: Intended for noobs, CPX SimpleSat allows you to experiment with attacking a mock satellite through a ground station, mimicking the types of commands used in Hack-a-Sat to gain control of the Satellite. No previous experience required — just curiosity and a willingness to learn!
  • DDSAT-1: If CPX SimpleSat was, well, too simple, try your hand at hacking DDSat-1. Experiment with RF exploitation by attacking a mock satellite over RF while it is talking to a mock ground station. You’ll be able to mimic the style of RF commands being generated as a part of Hack-a-Sat, but in a more simplified and user friendly manner.

Check out the full lineup at Join our Aerospace Village Discord server and follow @Secureaerospace for latest village updates.