2022 Aerospace Village Badge

The 2022 Aerospace Village Badge has arrived! We will have these in person at DEF CON 30 in the Aerospace Village.


Ground, Air, and Space

The 2022 badge began with the idea of designing around all 4 of our domains, Air Traffic Management, Airports, Aircraft, and Space. From there, we wanted to encourage creativity and free expression by allowing everyone to customize their badge using the SAO standard: https://hackaday.com/2019/03/20/introducing-the-shitty-add-on-v1-69bis-standard/. The kit contains the base badge with 5 SAO ports, and three included SAOs.

Cost: $60 donation – Cash only

Will be available in person at the Aerospace Village beginning at 10AM Friday, with an additional drop of badges available on 10AM Saturday.

Special thanks to @cybertestpilot for the amazing badge design and fantastic artwork by flysurreal.com



Aerospace Village Badge (DC30) Concept by flysurreal.com

Badge Prototype & Fun