2022 Aerospace Village Badge

Congratulations to all 37 individuals who solved the 2D code on the back of our Aerospace Village DC30 badge!

  • The 2022 Aerospace Village Badge are gone! We had limited quantities in-person only at DEF CON 30.
  • You can learn more about the Aztec code used to encode Buzz Aldrin’s “boarding pass” to the moon at https://aerospacevillage.org/bcbp/

Want more? Check out https://github.com/AerospaceVillage/avBadge_2022


Ground, Air, and Space

The 2022 badge began with the idea of designing around all 4 of our domains, Air Traffic Management, Airports, Aircraft, and Space. From there, we wanted to encourage creativity and free expression by allowing everyone to customize their badge using the SAO standard: https://hackaday.com/2019/03/20/introducing-the-shitty-add-on-v1-69bis-standard/. The kit contains the base badge with 5 SAO ports, and three included SAOs.

Cost: $60 donation – Cash only

Will be available in person at the Aerospace Village beginning at 10AM Friday, with an additional drop of badges available on 10AM Saturday.

Special thanks to @cybertestpilot for the amazing badge design and fantastic artwork by flysurreal.com



Aerospace Village Badge (DC30) Concept by flysurreal.com

Badge Prototype & Fun