UAV Research Series

Through a series of videos and presentation Gaffers will examine the weaknesses by building our own drone as close to commercial specifications as he can.

This project will explore the subject of UAVs, their uses, and their security.

“Through the Aerospace Village I will be hosting a research series on UAVs. Right now I know nothing about them. Never even flown a drone before. It’ll be a journey to understand the technology, protocols and potential issues that commercial drone operators should be considering. We will build them, learn to fly, learn and apply the regulations, and somewhere along the way even try safely hacking our own drones. And of course, all activity will follow the village’s ethos of responsible research.”

This research will rely on your feedback. So if something has been missed or you feel you can contribute, your input will be very welcome.

Heck, buy your own drone and join in! This can be your journey as well!


Ep1 – 8th Jan 2021 – Introduction
Ep2 – 4th Feb – Airframe Build
Ep3 – 4th Mar – Electronics + Software build
Ep4 – 1st Apr – Staying legal. Drone regs
Ep5 – 22nd Apr – Exploring and hacking UAV RF
Ep6 – 6th May – Can we hack our drone?
Ep7 – 20th May- RSAC Special Episode!

Drone BOM

Aerospace Village have no commercial links with any of the suppliers linked below. We also bear no responsibility for content on 3rd party websites.

Main Parts
Believer UAV Kit – Banggood
RC Model hinges – Such as these on Ebay
RC Aeroplane Propeller 12 X 6

Pixhawk Cube Orange with ADS-B in
EMax ES3054 Servos
Drone telemetry kit 100mw @ 433Mhz (check frequencies and power levels that are legal in your country)
Receiver (Highly suggest SBus or single PPM output to FC) + Transmitter
UBEC (Universal Battery Eliminator Circuit)
XT60 Battery Connectors
10000mAh 6S Li-ion Battery Pack 10C 22.2V
T-Motor – AS 2814 Long Shaft – 900KV
HERE 3 GNSS Module for Pixhawk (M8P)

Glue – Foamtac (there are other brands)

Craft knife
Mobile phone screwdriver set
Hot glue gun
Magnifying visor

Strobon lights
FPV Camera
FPV Transmitter
Servo tester
Servo Extension cables
Small self-adhesive cable clips – such as these
Aluminium flat bar
M2.5 x 40mm cap head screw (if using the Here3 GPS in the same place)
32gb Sandisk Extreme Plus U3 (For FC logs)
R/C Plane Wing Tape
Self-adhesive hook and loop tape
3.5mm male / female gold bullet connectors
MATEK – Analog Airspeed Sensor ASPD-7002
2.54 Pin header (3 rows of 13 pins recommended)