Join Aerospace Village this year as we participate in GrayHat

(formally Texas Cyber Summit)

The event will be taking place virtually from October 29-31, 2020. We will be using our Aerospace Village Discord channel throughout the conference. If you have not already, join us on Discord here

Link to GrayHat website


Thursday 29th Oct 2020
1100 CT | Understanding Space through a security lens

Another chance to see our fantastic 4 hour introductory tutorial in to space, orbits and working with them.  This is a condensed version of training that is delivered to staff working at space agencies all over the world in order to give them a foundation in the subject regardless of their background.

This exciting, fast-paced course delivers the “big picture” of space missions from the perspective of the cyber-security professional. This course highlight key issues and vulnerabilities in the space domain. – Gain Core Space Knowledge — Describe the Space Mission Architecture, the context for all space activities – Comprehend space mission Capabilities, Trade-offs and Limitations specific to the cybersecurity domain — Explain how orbital mechanics and operational architectures constrain access to space systems — Discuss natural and human-made threats to space systems – Describe potential vulnerabilities to space systems through communications links and data architectures — Apply Cyber/Space Concepts to real-world scenarios

Friday 30th Oct 2020
1100 CT | Mission Alenium CTF

If you haven’t registered already you need to be quick!  Register here –

The Convergence of Space and Cybersecurity is here! The goal of this immersive, two-part challenge is to expose beginner-level participants to Space Networks, Cybersecurity, Satellites, IoT devices and Digital Forensics Analysis through a gamified satellite cybercrime scenario. The first part includes a series of five online 3D “escape rooms” which each simulate different locations that contain important evidence. After all the information is collected, participants enter the second phase of the challenge and begin conducting forensic analysis. Participants will respond to a fictional storyline where the flight control system of a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) is compromised. Due to the hack, the rocket and its accompanying satellite crash before reaching orbit. The software payload survives the crash and is sufficiently intact for digital forensic analysis. The participants act as cybersecurity digital forensics analysts, attempting to find out how and why the system was hacked and by whom.

Saturday 31st Oct 2020
0900 CT | Intro in to EFBs – The hacker and pilot perspective by Matt Gaffney and Alex

Electronic Flight Bags have been a revolution in the cockpit but for those people who have no aviation experience you may ask “what are they?” and “what do they do?”. Follow us as we go through an introduction to EFBs with perspectives from a hacker and a pilot. We cover the different types, software and regulatory approvals. We finish off with some demos as well as the view and pertinent points from a commercial Captain/Pilot/Instructor.

1015 CT | 747-400 Walk through by Alex Lomas

This will be a tour of an end of life 747 airframe, covering a 101 of the cockpit systems and avionics bays. We will also be explaining the various systems & threat surfaces.

1130 CT | Intro in to EFBs – What I learned trying to hack a 737 by Karl Koscher

As part of work looking at avionics security, we reverse-engineered two Communication Management Units used on 737s, and they are engineered unlike any other embedded system I’ve seen. CMUs must be certified to a high Design Assurance Level, but airlines typically want to add custom airline operations applications. This talk explores how these seemingly incompatible requirements are met in two very different ways, and takes a deep dive into how the CMUs work.

1245 CT | 2 talks in one package – Intro to Aerospace Village Tech Initiatives by Gurney & How Much Damage Can You Do in (pico-) Space? By Sandy

Gurney will be discussing Aerospace Village’s Technical Initiatives effort. The objective of this effort is to develop technical experiences in aerospace and cybersecurity that are accessible to the hacker and research community.

Sandy’s abstract – With increased private access to space comes potential risk from non-state payloads. We look at threats and benefits available in the ‘new space era’, focusing on the CubeSat form factor and how its physical capabilities both opens up and constrains novel mission concepts.

1345 CT | Tell Me More Lies – Technical Means for Exploiting LIDAR in Mobile Systems by Brett Ginski, Shujah Mahmood and Elijah Roberts

The use of LIDAR is growing for Aerospace platforms, from delivery drones to airliners. This talk explores the network attack surface for a commonly available LIDAR sensor and discusses vulnerabilities and opportunities for future research. If you understand TCP and UDP basics and can recognize a Wireshark dump this talk is for you.

1445 CT | Aerospace Badge Workshop

A look back at our popular Aerospace Village Badge from DEFCON Safe Mode earlier this year, this time from the guys who are responsible for designing and developing it.