Understanding Space Through a Cybersecurity Lens

The Aerospace Village is proud to host “Understanding Space Through a Cybersecurity Lens” during DEF CON 28! This exciting, fast-paced half day course delivers the “big picture” of space missions from the perspective of the cyber-security professional. This course highlight key issues and vulnerabilities in the space domain.

This course will be offered at the 5 times below. To join one of the sessions, visit the #av-understanding-space-text channel in the official DEF CON 28 Discord server prior to the session you wish to attend.

  1. Friday August 7th, 10:00 PDT (Zoom link)
  2. Friday August 7th, 14:30 PDT (Zoom link)
  3. Saturday August 8th, 09:00 PDT (Zoom link)
  4. Saturday August 8th, 13:30 PDT (Zoom link)
  5. Sunday August 9th, 09:00 PDT (Zoom link)

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain Core Space Knowledge
    • Describe the Space Mission Architecture, the context for all space activities
  • Comprehend space mission Capabilities, Trade-offs and Limitations specific to the cybersecurity domain
    • Explain how orbital mechanics and operational architectures constrain access to space systems
    • Discuss natural and human-made threats to space systems
  • Describe potential vulnerabilities to space systems through communications links and data architectures
    • Apply Cyber/Space Concepts to real-world scenarios

Course Topics

  • Course Introduction
    • Context
    • The Space Mission Architecture
  • Opportunities
    • Understanding Orbits
    • Space Mission Operations
  • Threats
    • The Space Environment
    • The Human Environment
  • Vulnerabilities
    • RF Systems
    • Space Data Architectures

Who Should Attend?

Engineers, scientists, or cybersecurity professionals either new to the space field or who want to broaden their understanding of the big picture of cyber issues in the space domain.

Join the official DEF CON 28 Discord Server and navigate to #av-understanding-space-text channel for discussions and more!

Aerospace Village Discord server will be closed 8/7-8/10, follow us on Twitter @SecureAerospace for latest Aerospace Village updates.

*Max 100 participants per session