Deep Space Networking (2021)

Deep Space Networking 2021

[Virtual] Workshop videos will be made available during DEF CON 29

This training session includes three Wireshark analysis sessions of Green Data transmission (with data loss), simple Red Data transmission, and Red Data transmission/retransmission after data loss.


Part I: Ground Control to Major Licklider: Analyzing LTP

Workshop File: LTP-tracefiles_Chappell-Spicer

*Workshop Videos will be made available on Friday, 8/6.

Licklider Transmission Protocol (LTP) was specifically created for space communications and provides retransmission-based reliability over high round-trip time links that may have connectivity blackouts. This LTP training session focuses on the elements of LTP communications differentiating Red Data and Green Data, examining the use of Checkpoints and Report Segments to validate data receipt.


Part II: Build an LTP-Analysis Wireshark Profile

 Workshop File: LTP_Custom_Wireshark_Profile

*Workshop Videos will be made available on Friday, 8/6.

Wireshark is a piece of clay. Mold it to fit your analysis needs. In this video, Ginny Spicer goes through the elements added to our Licklider Transmission Protocol (LTP) Wireshark profile. Consider using this profile (or creating your own) before jumping into the Wireshark LTP Challenge. Have fun.


Part III: An Outage in Space — Take the LTP Wireshark Challenge

Workshop File: Same as “Part I” Workshop File

*Workshop Videos will be made available on Friday, 8/6.

Test your LTP knowledge by taking the Wireshark Challenge. (We highly recommend that you watch the video covering our Wireshark profile creation process first.) It’s a “simple” 5-question challenge – pause the video, get your answers, return to check your answers. Enjoy.


Workshop Abstract: Deep space communications utilize TCP/IP protocols with some added assistance from a TCP Convergence Layer and the Bundle Protocol. In this workshop, participants will contrast data transmission on the Earth terrestrial Internet to the Deep Space Network and then delve into the latest version of the Bundle protocol and the TCP Convergence Layer. We will examine key fields in the headers, locate the first packet of a bundle and the first and second legs of the relay process, as reassembled by Wireshark. Participants will learn to build a custom Wireshark profile to quickly identify key fields of the Bundle Protocol, including fields that define priority, destination type, endpoint IDs, and reporting of bundle delivery.


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