Aerospace Village Badge

DC29 Village Badge

2021 Aerospace Village badge & merch have arrived!

We are offering another custom-designed badge for DEF CON 29 for order through Tindie & 2021 badge art poster on Zazzle

Front (fully assembled)

Back (fully assembled)

The Art of Aviation

This year’s badge began with the basic idea of introducing the pilot’s perspective of an airfield and present that to an audience that could both appreciate and interact with as if they themselves were the pilot. By collaborating with the artist of the idea was taken to a completely new level pushing the boundaries of both art and science into a single badge.

The badge has something to offer for everyone. For the visually inclined the amazing and detailed artwork alone puts you into the pilot seat. For the aspiring pilot there is an interaction that will trigger an AIM 4-3-13 compliant response.

In a similar manner people can interact with the badge to trigger a pilot controlled lighting response in much the same way that the AIM 2-1-9 describes.

Fully aware of the current pop culture, there’s also some playful room for AIM 7-7-4.

Do-It-Yourself version that comes with instructions, along with pics and details posted right in our Tindie store
Badge Art Poster

We will offer fully assembled badges in limited quantities as they become available — you can also buy the kit and assemble one yourself.



Village Merch:


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